Sunday, 17 February 2019

Thoughts of the week

1. The trial of the accused Claremont serial killer is commencing in July and I am fascinated. They've started preliminary hearings so I've been reading all I can on it. This is something that's haunted Western Australia for 20 years now.

2. The gall of some companies amazes me. I keep on getting an email from a company wanting to collaborate with me. They're offering 20% off their products in exchange for promoting them. Hah. I don't think so.  

3. You know when you bump into an ex and realise that you dodged a bullet? That happened yesterday. I saw a guy I dated for about 12 months. We split up because he was messed up and wouldn't get help. Clearly nothing has changed. He was with his partner, child and family. The whole time we were there he sat down whilst his partner ran around after their child. Didn't offer her his seat, didn't help with the child, just sat there. 
Tiger would never do that. If we're out, both of us are looking after the kids. If there is only one chair he gives it to me. He'd never sit down whilst I stood next to him.

4. The price we pay for cosmetics here is still ridiculous. The Lancome L'Absolu Gloss is $52 here, in the US it's $25. How do they justify that? 

5. To my great surprise Chai has loved the learning we've been doing lately. It's all play based so lots of fun and he's really enjoying it. I'm so pleased. 

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  1. I need to read up on the Claremont Trial. Sounds interesting. Reminds me of something that should be covered on one of the True Crime podcasts I listen to.

    Also- I hear that beauty products tend to be marked up overseas. It's crazy!

    Have a great day!


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