Friday, 12 January 2018

FFS Friday - Sold

Chai has always been a very imaginative child. When he started kindy I was worried that he'd bark at everyone because he was having a great time pretending to be a dog. He'd be in dog mode at least 80% of the day. When I say dog mode, I mean really, he took it as far as he could. He'd crawl everywhere, bark, wee and poo outside, eat and drink from a bowl on the floor, play fetch etc.

At the moment he's a zombie hunting sloth. Yes you read that right. 

We've been learning a lot about sloths. One thing we learned is that sloths grow algae on their fur which gives them nutrients when they groom themselves. It also turns their fur green.

Chai got green camo face paint and plastered it all over his face and in his hair. He refused to let me near his hair for two weeks because he didn't want the green washed out, and the face paint stains the skin. Just as the paint starts to fade he'd paint his face again, so I had a green faced, green haired boy for two weeks. 

Whatever they put in that camo face paint needs to be in cosmetics. No amount of scrubbing will remove the green. I've used my oil cleansers, heavy duty long lasting make-up removers, waterproof make-up removers and nothing will budge it. 

Tiger isn't that great at checking the messages he writes. He often sends me messages that make no sense whatsoever and I have to try to decipher what he meant. 

Last week he wanted recommendations for a car detailer so he posted on about four different facebook pages. With a typo.

A few minutes after he'd posted, my cousin called to ask why he was selling his car. Tiger explained that he wasn't and that my cousin had read the message wrong. Or not.

A few minutes later I got an sms from my sister asking why Tiger was selling his car. I checked the facebook post.

He'd asked if anyone knew any good car dealers. Dealers not detailers. He then started getting messages from people interested in buying his car. 

I pointed out his error so he fixed it on one page, but it was still showing up and he kept on getting messages. He got four messages in half an hour.

The intelligent thing would have been to delete his posts but he couldn't be bothered because he'd posted on so many different sites, so instead he decided to sit there and get annoyed every time someone offered to buy his car. Clever.

He's such a strange creature. 

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