Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Raww Beauty

When there's a new, natural beauty range released in Australia, you can bet that I'll be excited. When they have a lip oil in the range, I'm even more excited! Make it available in my local health food store and you can guarantee that I'll be picking up several products from the range. That's exactly what I did when Raww Beauty was released, then I was lucky enough to receive some products for review, winning. 

Naturally the first products I purchased were a lip oil and lip gloss. Can't say I'm not predictable, haha. I was then lucky enough to receive some lip oils, lipsticks, a mascara and one of their serums. I'll review the serum once I've used it a bit more. 

Raww has done a wonderful job with this range, all of the products that I've tried are beautiful. It all smells lovely too, even the mascara.

I've heard great things about the foundations and nail polishes, so I'm planning on picking both of them up soon. I'm also interested in the skin care. Actually, I'm interested in the whole range. I'll try everything eventually!

I received four of the twelve Coconut Kiss Lipsticks. The shades I received are Chocolate Chunks, Pomegranate Parade, Poetic Pink and Petite Peach. The scent is a gorgeous blend of vanilla, lime and coconut. 

Coconut Kiss Lipsticks are up there with my favourite lipsticks. They feel as hydrating as a lip balm so I can comfortably wear them all day. The shades are all satin, no shimmer and they last around four hours before I need to reapply. Fancy Fig is the next shade on my wish list. 

Coconut Kiss Lipsticks cost $24.99 for a 4g tube. 

Raww Beauty Coconut Kiss Lipsticks from top: Chocolate Chunks, Pomegranate Parade, Poetic Pink and Petite Peach

Raww Beauty Coconut Kiss Lipsticks

Naturally the lip oils were the first product I tried.They are light but hydrating, with surprisingly good coverage. In the past I've found that the light lip oils don't have very good pigmentation, but these oils have great pigmentation. They can also be layered, just wait about a minute for the colour to settle then apply another layer. 

I like to use Raspberry Ice over the top of nude lipsticks to perk them up a bit.

Raww Fruit Fusion Lip Oil: Peach Snap, Strawberry Spritz and Raspberry Ice

There are three shades in the of Fruit Fusion lip oil, they cost $24.99 for a 12ml tube. 

Coconut Splash Lip Gloss in Sea Curls
This beautiful lip gloss is the Coconut Splash lip gloss in the shade Sea Curls, which is a pinky mauve.

Raww say the scent is vanilla, lime and coconut, but to me it smells like orange chocolate, so yummy. As with the other lip products in the range, Coconut Splash is very hydrating, I can happily wear it in place of lip balm. I love products that are hydrating enough to use instead of lip balm.The coverage is opaque with one layer and lasts around three hours before fading.

There are nine shades in the lip gloss range and they cost $19.99 for 3.1mls. 

The first thing I'm going to tell you about the mascara is that it smells great! I know that's a strange thing to mention, but it just goes to show you that Raww products really are made up of superfoods.

Another thing that I'm really pleased about is that Moringa Lash Impact mascara comes in a brown shade as well as the usual black. It's so difficult to find a good brown mascara. 

I've been using Moringa Lash Impact mascara for the last few weeks and I'm very happy with it. It gives great length, holds a curl and doesn't clump or flake. As with the other products, it has a vanilla, lime and coconut scent. Gotta love a masacra that smells good and only costs $24.99.

You can purchase Raww products from their website or from health food stores. 

Have you tried any Raww products? What should I try next?

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