Friday, 5 January 2018

FFS Friday - Heh

For someone who's intelligent I can be incredibly stupid at times. 

It happens more than I care to admit.

Here's a brilliant example:

I have sensitive skin. I'm particularly sensitive to sunscreen. I can't use sunscreen on my lips and there are only a few that I can use on my face. 

A few months ago I started using a new facial sunscreen. It didn't irritate me so I thought it was okay. 

Little did I know. 

I started getting really, really tired. So tired that my eyes stung and I could barely keep them open. I tried every natural method I could think of, copious amounts of coffee etc but nothing worked.

After about five weeks I went to the Dr who did a pile of blood tests and everything came up normal.

Despite my begging he refused to give me speed or other stimulants, so I took a look at my diet. I noticed that the fatigue set in around 9am, so I experimented with different breakfasts, but nothing changed.

I went to a naturopath but she couldn't help either. I was lost. 

One day I was having a home day so didn't use any skin care and I felt great all day. You know what's coming don't you?

It was then that I realised what the problem was. My sunscreen. Yep. I kid you not. 

The sunscreen was getting into my eyes and irritating them, which is why I could barely keep my eyes open!

As soon as I stopped using the sunscreen I was back to normal. Pity it took me two months of daily struggle to figure it out.

Heh. I'm so clever. 

I wasn't brave enough to go back to the Dr and tell him what had been causing my fatigue. Thankfully he hasn't asked. How embarassment.

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