Thursday, 9 March 2017

Dear Chai

My big boy, you are 6! I know I say it every year, but I can't believe my cute little baby is 6! You're such a boy now, you've lost all traces of baby and look like a handsome little boy.

You're such a special person. You are kind, considerate and full of energy. You love your friends and are very social, you can make friends with anyone and everyone. 

You had a growth spurt over the holidays and have shot up making you taller than most of your friends now. You're having a few struggles with school but I'm sure we'll get there, you don't lack intelligence you just aren't quite ready to sit still all day. Can't say I blame you there. 

Slowly but surely you're becoming more independent. Every Monday is cousin day, you scoot to school with your cousin and then after school you go home together and spend the afternoon there then come home after dinner. You love that you get to have a Big Boy Play all on your own.

One of your favourite things to do is swim. After swimming lessons at the end of the year you got so confident and now swim around like a little fish. You love swimming underwater and even dive into the deep end. You love jumping in whilst doing funny poses and constantly try to make me laugh.  
Your other favourite past times are jumping on the trampoline, playing with your toys (lego, Grossery Gang, Ninja Turtles). 
You love being around people and can chat to anyone. 

On Sunday you had your first ever birthday party. The morning of the party you asked me to cancel it because your belly was sick. When I asked why you wanted to cancel you said that you didn't want everyone to sing happy birthday to you. You said that you wanted to blow out a candle but didn't want any singing. When we got to the party you had a great time. You didn't blow out a candle and we didn't sing to you so you were happy. 

My precious boy, I love you more than I can put in to words. Thank you for  making me a Mum. You'll always be my baby.

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