Friday, 17 March 2017

FFS Friday - Running away

Chai has only been to school two days this week. 

Things are getting worse. 

His anxiety signs are becoming more frequent, to the point where one of his teachers mentioned it to me. 

Last week I took him to a naturopath to see if that would help. She does Bach flowers so I was hoping to get a remedy, anything is worth a try. She didn't have her remedies with her that day so gave me her number and asked me to contact her asap to arrange a time to make a remedy for Chai. 

I contacted her on Saturday and she didn't reply. I contacted her again on Tuesday and she told me that she's too busy moving and doing workshops so will need to refer me to someone else. WTF?

Now I'm feeling like I wasted my money seeing her because she did nothing. I'm seriously considering asking for a refund.

This week I had the usual battle to get Chai to school. He starts asking and crying about it the night before. 

He gets one day off a week and I let him choose which day that is. I know he needs to go every day but dealing with a tired, upset child five days a week is more than I can cope with. Giving him one day off makes the other days a lot easier. 

This week he chose to have Tuesday off. Wednesday he really, really didn't want to go but I got him there and he didn't cry, winning.

Thursday was a huge struggle. He cried and begged the whole morning. Crying is bad enough but when he begs it breaks my heart. I finally got him to school, we looked in to the classroom and there was a relief teacher there. 

Chai took one look at her, panicked and ran away. 

The teachers assistant (who he loves) went to get him. She managed to get him outside the classroom but couldn't get him into the room.

Three of my friends also tried, one managed to calm him down but again, as soon as he got near the classroom he went into panic mode. We went home. 

This morning Eljay slept in until 7.15am. We're usually up by 6.30am. Getting up after 7am means the morning is a huge rush. I really couldn't be bothered and knew we'd be coming straight home again if there was a relief teacher there again, so Chai stayed home. 

It's looking more and more like I will have to home school him. Things are just getting worse and I have no idea what to do. I'm not going to medicate when there's nothing wrong with him and I'm not going to psychologically damage him by forcing him to go to school. He frequently tells me that school is the worst part of his life. 

Making six year olds sit still all day is crazy. Wednesday Chai ended up on the time out matt because he couldn't stop wriggling. Surely if the kids can't sit still they should be sent outside to run around for a few minutes not put on the time out matt. I'm going to have another meeting with his teacher next week.

If that doesn't work I'm taking my boys and running away. We can travel the country and I'll home school. Sounds good to me.


  1. How stressful! i hope this next week is better. I have a 12 yr old girl who's having problems with friends at her school and I'd love to pull her out and homeschool her too. Sending good energy for this next week.

    1. Thanks beautiful. I hope your daughter had a better week xxx


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