Sunday, 12 March 2017

Thoughts of the week

1. Last week we got a book case and now I have all my books on display again. It's been five years since I had them out. Oh how I've missed them. I walk past them constantly and my heart smiles to see them all. I feel like I've been reunited with a missing part of my soul. It's a wonderful feeling. 

2. I've finished my first round of the Minimalism Game and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only did I declutter a bit, I unpacked boxes that have been sitting around for over three years, discovered thing I thought we'd lost and got my books out again. I've already started round two and it's going well.

3. A few weeks ago I bought a travelers notebook on Ebay. It arrived last week and I love it. Now I'm learning all about the world of journaling. I kept a diary for years and years so I'm looking forward to getting back into writing and recording my life.

4. My baby boy is six now! 

5. Ed Sheeran's new album is amazing. 

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