Friday, 3 March 2017

FFS Friday - Let them eat cake

Once again our pool is costing us money. FFS.
Just for something different. FFS.

The creepy crawly needed a new skirt (the plastic bits around the side). Tiger ordered one, it was reasonably cheap, from memory it was under $50. It arrived and as he was trying to put it on he broke part of the creepy crawly.

Naturally it was a part that couldn't be replaced. 
So now we need a new creepy crawly. FFS.

When we had to get a new pool pump he told me we now have a brand new pool and yet here we are a few weeks later spending around $400 on a new creepy crawly. Will it ever end? I think not.

Added to that, the new coating that was put on the pool when we got it refurbished has started to peel off. Thankfully it's under warranty. But it means that I'll have people traipsing through the backyard for weeks. Nice.

We told the pool shop about it and they said they no longer deal with that company. Too bad, they did the job, they have to fix it. 

The pool saga never ends. Heed my words people, don't get a pool unless you want a money pit.

Sunday Chai is having his first ever birthday party. I'm so worried that I'll forget something. 

Logically I know that there's nothing to worry about. As long as there are food and drinks for the kids, a cake and lolly bags they'll be happy. 

I'm making the cake myself. I know getting cakes made is the done thing but I've always made Chai's cakes and I'll continue to do so. I figure if the cake goes wrong I can always pick one up from the bakery the day of the party, so we should be right. Wish me luck.


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