Friday, 17 January 2014

FFS Friday - Sofa king annoying

The PILs are here. FFS.

They're staying for a few days and talking about coming back next week. FFS.

I'm sick of MIL already and they've only been here a few hours. FFS.

Tiger is sick of her too, he's told her off several times. Not FFS.

MIL just makes things so much more difficult. FFS.

We had enough oj left for about two cups. Tiger gave some to Chai then MIL decided to half fill the bottle with water, making the rest of the juice unusable. FFS.

She likes to do that with other products like body wash and hand soap too. FFS.

There'll be a little bit left in the bottom, so she'll half fill it with water. FFS.

I have no idea why she thinks that's a good idea, it just means the rest of the product gets thrown out, what a waste. FFS.

We had people come over with a dog to see if we all get along. If we do, then we'll adopt the dog. I asked Tiger to keep MIL inside and out of the way whilst they were here, but he didn't. FFS.

She was sofa king annoying. FFS.

First she decided to feed it. Without asking the owners. FFS.

Then she talked the ear off the guy who owns the dog, telling him a story from about 20 years ago that has nothing to do with animals. I told her to shut up so she started whispering. FFS.

When Tiger and I were discussing what we thought of the dog, MILs advice was to pray about it. FFS.

I'm going out tomorrow, I don't think I can handle being around MIL all day. FFS.

We are trying to find a dog at the moment and would like a rescue one but it's nearly impossible. The rescue place doesn't answer the phone and by the time they finally get back to us the dogs we are interested in are gone. FFS.

I have no idea how anyone manages to adopt one of their dogs because they just don't call back! FFS.

This week Eljay has perfected the art of pooing up his back. FFS.

He now does it daily. FFS.

He can poo right up his back, to his shoulder blades. FFS.

The boy has skillz. FFS.

Whilst we're on the subject of poo, Chai did a great job of getting it all over the place this week. FFS.

I'd been putting Eljay to bed and after I finished I came into the lounge room and could smell poo. I checked the potty and there was poo in it so I cleaned the potty and I could still smell poo. FFS.

Then I realised that there was poo all over the carpet and the lounge chair, everywhere that Chai had sat after he did he poo. FFS.

That was fun. FFS.

This week there was very nearly a major disaster in our house. FFS.

I was feeding Eljay when Chai came running into the room with a whole block of my precious Pana Chocolate in his hand! FFS. 

I panicked and chased after him to get my precious chocolate back. Thankfully only two pieces were lost. FFS.

The Pana Chocolate is now hidden. Not FFS.

That's all I can think of to whinge about this week. If you'd like to read more whinges, head over to Sarah's blog.  
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