Monday, 20 January 2014

Sanctuary Spa Hot Sugar Scrub

Regular readers of my blog would know that I have a thing for body scrubs. I love giving my wobbly bits a good scrub to get the circulation going. My preference is for salt or sugar scrubs as I find them to be more effective and scrubby. Over the years I've used all sorts of different scrubs and have finally found a holy grail scrub. It's the Sanctuary Spa Hot Sugar Scrub. 

This scrub is unlike any that I've ever used. The texture is a lot creamier than sugar scrubs usually are and it's self heating! In the past when I've used self heating products they haven't got that hot and haven't stayed hot for very long but this one does. The first time I used it I got a little alarmed as it gets very warm, but not uncomfortably warm, and it stays warm for a few minutes. 

Even though it's quite creamy, being a sugar scrub it's satisfyingly scrubby and meets my fussy requirements. 

I purchased a 550g tub on sale from Priceline, however the regular price is $19.99.

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