Monday, 7 June 2010

I'm having a love affair

And Mr GQ knows all about it. In fact sometimes he even joins in. Don't panic, I'm not cheating on Mr GQ. I'm having a love affair with In Essence products. They're amazing!
 It all started a few months ago. I needed a new candle so was browsing around the shops looking for something different. I noticed In Essence had a gwp and naturally had to take a closer look. My friend Music had told me that she loves In Essence products and when I smelled their Blissful Body Bar (soap) and Tahitian Escape candle I had to buy them.
The gwp was amazing. It contained a full size body scrub, grapefruit essential oil and hand cream and a travel size shower gel and monoi body lotion.

 I've since purchased twice more from In Essence and got an amazing gwp both times. In Essence seem to have constant gwp's which is brilliant. 

My second purchase was Tahitian Escape mood reeds and two Blissful Body Bar's. I'm obsessed with the Blissful Body Bar. It smells heavenly. I wish they made it in a perfume and essential oil.  

 The second gwp contained a full sized hand cream, body balm and neroli essential oil plus a travel sized monoi oil body lotion.

The product that tipped my obsession over the edge into full blown addiction was the Ultra Rich Body Balm. This stuff smells amazing! The fragrance is a beautiful mix of neroli, grapefruit, lavender, mimosa flowers and apricots. It has become my new favourite rich winter body lotion.  

My third purchase from In Essence was the electric oil burner. I wish I'd bought this sooner, it's such a brilliant idea. For some reason I didn't take a photo of the gwp that I got when I bought the oil burner so I can't tell you exactly what was in it but I do remember it contained a full sized bath oil and a travel sized monoi body lotion.


  1. Looks like some nice retail therapy there ;)

    Thanks so much for including me in your blogroll, btw.

  2. They look awesome! Where did you get them from? I love your blog by the way :o). Have followed.

    From another Perthie :o).

  3. Yay, another Perthie!

    I buy my In Essence products from Myer or DJ's. I think they're both having a gwp at the moment too.


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