Friday, 25 June 2010

Post and Shame Challenge Update

I'm not even half way through the last eye liner that I'm trying to use up, even though I've been using it every day. Looks like I'll have to start wearing lots of heavy liner for a while until I start making progress with using this pencil up. I'll be very glad when this challenge is over, not because I particularly want to buy any new lip balms or eye liners, I'm just sick of using the same one every day.

This month I got rid of my Lush Let Them Eat Cake lip balm because I really didn't like it. I also finished my Kit lip balm. And not surprisingly I haven't finished another eyeliner. 

This means my tally is now ten finished lip balms, eight lip balms given away or throw out and three finished eye liners. 


  1. Hello GQ! I don't know why but blogger is not showing me your updates, so I haven't commented in ages! (I was also away, so that's another excuse!!) Can you believe it, I still have to post about my other 2 post and shame challenge categories :(( Oh well, at least you'll be happy to know that you have another eye pencil coming your way...congrats, you've won my giveaway!! Need your address! xx

  2. wow!!! 10 lipbalms! D: that's amazing!

  3. Eyeliners are evil :( I'm pretty sure mine secretly replenish overnight

  4. Anna, I want to know about your other 2 P&S categories, you need to do the post!

    P Chan, lip balms are the one thing I manage to use up fairly quickly :)

    SS, I'm sure my eye liners replenish overnight, it's some sort of evil conspiracy, hehe.


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