Monday, 14 June 2010

Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover

For a while there I didn't bother with eye make-up remover, I'd just use my regular cleanser on my eyes. I've now decided that it's better to use an eye make-up remover as it's more gentle.

When I first started using Neutrogena's Oil Free eye make-up remover I didn't like it because it felt quite oily. Strange, considering it's oil free. Then I read the back of the bottle and realised that it's a dual-phase product so needs to be shaken up before use. Clever. One I started shaking it up before use I decided I really liked it. It's amazing how well things work when used as intended isn't it?

I'm very happy with this eye make-up remover. It removes my make-up quickly with just one wipe. I let it sink in for about a minute and then wipe gently and all my eye make-up is removed. I've found this to be very gentle on my eyes, even during hay fever season when my eyes are super sensitive.

Here's what Neutrogena has to say about their eye makeup remover: This dual-phase 100% oil-free liquid activates when shaken to gently whisk away even waterproof eye makeup without any tugging, pulling or stinging. Your skin is left feeling clean and fresh with no oily residue. Aloe and cucumber extracts soothe skin.

Would I buy this again? Yes, it's gentle, effective and reasonably priced.

Ingredients: cyclopentasiloxane, water, cyclohexasiloxane, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, benzyl alcohol, sodium chloride, dipropylene glycol, poloxamer 182, allantoin, tripotassium edta, benzalkonium chloride, glycerin, cucumber fruit extract, potassium phosphate, dipotassium phosphate.

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  1. Love the review, and love the new layout! What a great looking blog!

    I just reviewed the Garnier makeup remover and loved that too! I think our supermarkets are doing well on the makeup removal front :)


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