Thursday, 10 December 2009

Post and Shame Challenge Update

I thought it was about time I did an update for the post and shame (or post and feel proud in my case) challenge. This is going to take me forever. The lip balm side will be easy, but using up eye liners is going to be really difficult. I'm not even close to finishing any eye liners. I have a strategy though, I'm using the same 3 eye liners every day so hopefully that'll work.

I've already finished one lip balm and have gotten rid of two others, one because I've had it for at least five years and the other because Mr GQ left it in his car and the texture changed. I don't have a picture of the other one that I threw out, but it was a strawberry Nivea balm.

By the end of this challenge I'm hoping that my lip balm collection will be a bit smaller, considering how long I'm expecting to take to finish off four eye liners I'd say that it will be. 

So far I haven't had any problems sticking to my challenge. I haven't been tempted to buy any new lip balms or eye liners, which I'm very pleased about.


  1. Eyeliners are always the hardest to finish up! Those things last for ever! :)

  2. good luck! i need to shorten my collection of like EVERYTHING! uggghhh hard work haha x


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