Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Mirenesse Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine

Every now and again I find some reviews difficult to write. Not because I don't like the product, just because I don't know what to say about it. This is one of those products. I've been trying to write this review for weeks now and it's just not happening. 

Mirenesse says: Rich glamorous glossy shine and lips drenched with moisture.
Lasts & Lasts; self-renewing colour pigments adhere to the lips to last and last. Apply directly to lips, purse lips together during wear to renew the shine.
The first anti ageing treatment liquid lip shine completely non sticky and soft textured.
Fills In Fine Lines; Micro collagen lip filling spheres draw in moisture to fill in fine lines and keep lips full, soft and smiling all day.

Overall I like this gloss. It smells nice, feels good and the colour I got is beautiful. Unfortunately I don't know what the colour is because I got the mini version and it's not written on the tube.

I don't have fine lines on my lips so can't say if this fills in fine lines or not. I do find it moisturising though and like the way it makes my lips look and feel. 

At the moment you can buy these for $10.95, which in my opinion is a bargain.

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