Monday, 9 November 2009

Lush Angels on Bare Skin

I've been struggling with breakouts lately and I finding them really annoying. After reading a post on Meg's Make-up about Lush's Coal Face I headed into the store to buy some. Instead of walking out with Coal Face I walked out with a sample pot of Angels on Bare Skin. I was given this when I explained to the staff that I have combination skin (at the moment) that can be a little sensitive. 

The sample I had lasted a week and during that week the pimples that I had cleared up and I didn't get any new ones. I wasn't sure if that was just timing so when the sample ran out I didn't bother buying more. After a few days of not using Angels on Bare skin my pimples started coming back and after a week I decided I'd had enough of them so went to Lush and stocked up.

Angels on Bare Skin is one of their fresh products so has to be used within three months of it being made. If you're buying some it's worth finding out how long it's been in the store for, because the one that I bought had been sitting in the store for a month, which means it has to be used up within two months. I'll keep that in mind for next time and be sure to buy a fresh batch.

Angels on Bare Skin's purpose is to cleanse and exfoliate your face with ground almonds, rose absolute and lavender oil. To use, mix a small amount with water into a paste, rub gently onto face and rinse off. 

Lush says: Picture a cleanser called Angels on Bare Skin and you probably wouldn't imagine a lump of stuff resembling grainy, grey putty. We could try to make it more attractive to look at but that would be at the expense of its true beauty: its ability to cleanse and exfoliate your facial skin. We based it on a medieval recipe that would have been excruciatingly expensive at the time. To make you face 'faire and smoothe' take a small, pea-sized piece in your hands, smooth it all over damp skin and wash it off. The ground almonds exfoliate, lavender oil helps to balance oil production, kaolin (china clay) absorbs oils, rose softens your skin and glycerine helps it to absorb and retain moisture. 

Since I've been using this my pimples have cleared up and my skin feels soft and smooth. I've been using Angels on Bare Skin daily with no problems, it doesn't irritate my skin. The exfoliation is very gentle. I find the results of this very similar to using Dermalogica's Microfoliant. 

Would I buy it again? Yes.

Ingredients: ground almonds, glycerine, kaolin, water, lavender oil, lavender flowers, turkish rose absolute.

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