Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Just B Cos

There's a gorgeous new store in Bunbury and you all need to know about it. They sell a beautiful range of locally made skin and body care products. 
The products are all made in the store. Entering the store is a sensory delight (if you're a fan of fragrance).
Fragrance is a huge thing for me, I love fragranced products, it makes my skin care routine so much more appealing when I'm using things that smell good. that's why I love Just B Cos so much, everything smells great.

I love everything I've tried so far. The perfumes are beautiful as is the face mist.
Picture above are Stop and Smell the Roses and Evolve perfumes and Stop and Smell the Roses face mist. The lady at the store told me that the face mist also works really well to heal rashes and irritated skin. 

These items are what I got for my birthday in June. Stop and Smell the Roses body oil and perfume plus a lip balm (of course).
If you're ever in Bunbury, stop and check out the store, you won't regret it (but your bank account might).

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