Saturday, 6 November 2021


Have you ever noticed that mens fashion doesn't change much? Their clothing is basically the same all the time.
Their clothes are practical, have pockets and are weather appropriate. 
Trying to buy practical, weather appropriate clothing for women is not as easy.
Our fashions change all the time. 
At the moment it's short jeans and cropped tops. 
It infuriates me how difficult it is to find clothes that are comfortable and warm.
Jeans all end above my ankles or they're skin tight. Jumpers are cropped and thin material. It's so stupid. 
To add insult to injury, women's clothes have less material, are poorer quality yet they cost more! How does that work?
Why do the people who make womens clothes assume that we don't want to be warm or comfortable? Having your ankles and midriff exposed is neither comfortable or warm. 
I regularly shop in the mens department. Their clothing is far superior. Plus, I like oversized jumpers and tshirts.  


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