Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Bout The Pout Limited Edition Balms

I love buying from small Aussie businesses. There are so many talented people in Australia and they make some beautiful products. 
Bout The Pout is a brand I've purchased from a few times now. The owner Anna is lovely and her balms are amazing. If you like Crazy Rumors balms you'll love Bout The Pout. 
They have a great range of flavoured balms, tinted balms, lip scrubs and gorgeous hand made pouches in different sizes.  

How cute is the little packet of tic tacs! When I picked up my package I couldn't figure out why it was rattling. I thought it wasn't my lip balms, but it was the tic tacs, hahahaha.

At the moment there are three limited edition lip balm flavours available; gingerbread, fruit tingle and candy cane. They won't be around for long so get them whilst you can!
Whilst you're there, get a few of the pouches, they're really cute and would make great Christmas presents. 
If you haven't tried Bout The Pout lip balms yet, I'll tell you why I love them. 
The texture is perfect. It's creamy, hydrating, tastes good and lasts really well on my lips. It's easily my favourite lip balm texture of all time. 
If I could only use one lip balm for the rest of my life I'd choose Bout The Pout. It's that good. 
Bout The Pout lip balms are natural, vegan and cost $8 each. 
Note: I purchased these products.

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