Friday, 19 November 2021

FFS Friday - Dude

Happy Friday beautiful people. I hope you've all had a good week. 
Ours has been both good and bad. 
Don't turn a few bad moments into a bad week. Let them go and move forward. That's my motto at the moment.
My other motto is forget about the what if's and focus on what is. I like that one. I made it up. Maybe I should start writing inspirational quotes. Or not. Heh.
When I think about how I've been treated due to being female, I'm really glad that I had boy children. I purposely tried for boy children and am glad that I got them.
Having boy children brings a lot of responsibility and I really hope that I'm doing it right. 
I don't want them to be the type of men who treat women badly. I try to show them how unfairly women can be treated so that they can recognise it.
I've told them that women will only start being treated fairly when men tell other men that it's not acceptable.  
Lately the boys have been asking a lot of questions about why I do things that Daddy doesn't do. I've been answering them honestly. 
They asked if I'd go walking at night on my own. I told them it's not safe for me to do that because I'm female so if I was walking alone at night there's a risk I'd be hurt or killed by a man.
Next they asked why I lock the car doors when I'm driving and Daddy doesn't. I told them that there's not much of a risk that someone would open the car door and hurt Daddy, but there is a risk it'd happen to me, because I'm female. 
I asked them if any women have ever yelled at Daddy whilst we were at the park. None have. Then we talked about the men who've yelled at me whilst we're at the park. They pointed out that no women have ever yelled at me whilst we're at the park, it's only been men.
They're getting a pretty good understanding of how differently women are treated. 
I hope I'm doing enough. I just want them to be good, kind men. If they are then I've done a good job. 
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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