Friday, 26 November 2021

FFS Friday - Tired

Is anyone else totally exhausted? I am. I've resigned myself to being permanently exhausted.
I'm starting to think that Tiger might go back to fifo. He's not coping with working every day. I knew he wouldn't. Everyone who knows him knew he wouldn't. The longer time goes on, the worse he gets. 
He's not happy, which means the rest of us aren't happy either. It's tough to stay happy and positive when your partner is grumpy and angry most of the time. 
Tiger is one of those people who can't accept the way things are. He fights it. That seems pointless to me. If you can't change a situation then you need to accept it. Tiger doesn't agree. If there's a situation that he doesn't like, even if he can't change it he pushes back and gets all worked up about it. That seems foolish to me. Either change it or accept it. Simple. 
Not so simple if you're Tiger.
He's been working at home for just over a year now and he's still not used to it. I was hoping that he'd adjust but he hasn't. He's chosen not to adjust. I don't understand why he's so inflexible. Working at home means you don't get as much spare time, that's the way it is, so deal with it. Or if you're Tiger, don't deal with it, be miserable and make sure everyone else is miserable with you.
If he does go back to fifo it won't be like last time so I think it'll be okay. Homeschooling and fifo are not a good mix, but with the boys at school fifo wouldn't be as difficult. 
Chai won't like it but he'll adjust and Tiger being happy will make things better. Plus, if Tiger isn't always exhausted they'll get more quality time together which Chai will love.  

So that's where we're at. 

I haven't started Christmas shopping yet. I need to buy for the boys and my bff. I have no idea what to get my bff, suggestions welcome. 

Have a beautiful weekend.


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