Friday, 12 November 2021

FFS Friday - Flaming Galah

Is anyone else totally over having to make tea every night? I am. I have lost all interest and just don't want to do it anymore. If I won lotto (highly unlikely as I don't buy lotto tickets), I'd buy our meals. It'd be so much nicer. 
There's a store here who make lovely, healthy meals, I'd get them every single night, it'd be awesome.
I've decided that I want a job. At the same time I've realised that working outside of the home is just not a realistic option for me at the moment. 
I could only work school hours, couldn't work school holidays or when the boys are sick.
I'd also have to regularly take time off for Chai's appointments. 
I was in a coffee shop at 8.45am this week, watching all the people with jobs come in to get their coffee and I was so envious. I really miss the days when I had a job. 
Unfortunately that's not an option at the moment so I'll just have to think of something I can do at home.
Eljay has been sick this week. The perfect example of why I can't have a job. Last term there were only two days when I didn't have a sick child or an appointment during the day. 

This term has been better but I've still had lots of days where the boys have been home sick or I've had an appointment. 
I'm really not a good employment prospect. 
It's a shame because I'm a great employee. I am super efficient, get lots of work done, don't waste time and don't need supervision. Just tell me what to do then leave me alone. I'm also a really great manager. 
Maybe one day I'll have a job, but I can't see it happening in the near future. 

It's going to be even less likely once Chai is at high school. Then I'll need to figure out how to be in two places at the same time. There's no public transport and the boys will be going to schools that are about fifteen minutes away from each other. I'm not going to think about that until the end of next year. Maybe by then I'll be able to clone myself. That'd be nice. 

Imagine all the things I could get done if I had two clones. I'd get them both working whilst I caught up on the 10 plus years I've sleep I've missed. 


Enough dreaming. 
Have a beautiful weekend lovely people.

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