Friday, 30 October 2020

FFS Friday - Hosing around

Hello beautiful people. It's Friday! We survived another week. And what a week it's been.

Mrs B, I have a Tiger story for you. 

Honestly, I just don't understand how stupid he can be sometimes. He's highly intelligent and yet so impractical at times.

Last Sunday he was digging a hole in the garden as we got some new plants. There's this patch of really thick stalky type stuff (no idea what it's called). It's ugly and I have been trying to kill it for years but it won't die. 

So, Tiger is trying to dig through it then he gets the brilliant idea of using an axe and cutting through it. (This is a much better idea than what I wanted to do. I wanted to set it alight, however it's right at our bedroom window, so that's a really bad idea).

To his great surprise, guess what he also cut?

The reticulation.

Of course.

Funny thing was that he was surprised there was a reticulation hose in the garden. Really?!

Why is this a surprise? He knows the garden is reticulated, where else did he think the hose would be? I don't understand why this was a surprise to him.

He was genuinely surprised, he really didn't expect the reticulation hose to be there. Maybe he just didn't think?

Only minutes earlier we'd been adjusting the reticulation outlets right next to the hole he was digging, but clearly that wasn't enough to make him register that there would be reticulation where he was using the axe.

Even better, he hacked through the reticulation on both sides and didn't know he'd done it until he saw the hose in the bin. FFS.

I just don't understand how his brain works. Gardens are reticulated, so taking to them with an axe is usually going to result in the reticulation getting cut. It's a logical conclusion.

I'd planned to turn the retic back on this week, but now it has to wait until this weekend when he's fixed the damage he did. I'm going to get him to chop out the rest of that horrible grass stuff before he fixes the reticulation, because he'll probably ruin more of it whilst he's there.

Have a great weekend beautiful people. 

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