Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Arbonne Super Calm and Inner Calm

For the last few months I've been trialling the Arbonne Super Calm range. 

It's a gorgeous range of products consisting of a cleansing milk, serum, moisturiser and my favourite product an inner calm powder.

I was always sceptical about supplements that claim to help stress, however in the past six months I've discovered that some of them really do work. 

I use the Inner Calm powder whenever I'm having a rough day and it really does help calm me down.  

Supercalm Vegan Cleansing Milk

I use the cleansing milk as my first cleanse. It's gentle on my skin, doesn't irritate my eyes and easily removes all my make-up, including mascara. 

I have to be careful what I use on my eyes, I find that a lot of cleansers sting or irritate my eyes, so I'm always happy when a cleanser is safe for my eyes. I love that it comes in a pump bottle. 

A 90ml bottle costs $47. 

Supercalm Skin Relief Serum

This serum has been my dry skin saviour over the last month. It's light, quickly absorbed and heaven for dry skin. After a week of use my dry flaky patches were gone and my skin was back to it's happy self. It usually takes me a few weeks to rescue my skin from it's ultra dry stage so I was thrilled that it only took a week.

You can purchase a 30ml bottle for $74. 

Supercalm Soothing Hydrator

I like to use this when my skin is looking red and irritated. It's hydrating but light at the same time (how do they do that?). Normally I use it over the top of the Skin Relife Serum, they work really well together. This also works well as a primer, it plays well under both foundation and BB cream.

A 50 gram pot costs $65.

I have to mention that I can't use these products when my skin is going through it's horrible super sensitive hayfever allergy phase. 

It's worth noting that when my skin is like this I can only use two specific LRP and Avene moisturisers, everything else irritates.

The problem is my skin not the product.

Innercalm is my super hero product. It contains Ashwagandha which helps with stress and Saffron Stigmas which supports a balanced mood. The flavour is a lovely peach green tea. I mix it into either hot or cold water and it makes a pleasant, relaxing drink.

30 serves cost $80, which is fairly standard for stress relief products.


Note: These products were provided to me for review.

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