Friday, 2 October 2020

FFS Friday - Idiot of the week

Hello beautiful people.
I hope you are all well and happy.

I spend plenty of time telling you about the silly things that Tiger and the boys have done, well this time it's my turn.

You might remember that we recently had to change our phones over. When I get a new phone I usually leave the plastic screen protector on for a while but this time I decided to take the screen protector off straight away.

The phones have gorilla glass so I figured it'd be pretty difficult to scratch, plus I'm always careful with my phone.

Last week I noticed that there was a large scratch on the screen. Closer inspection showed that there were a lot of large scratches all over the screen.

I was pissed. It's a brand new phone, I'm always super careful with it and the screen was scratched to buggery. I probably shouldn't use that saying should I? Okay, I won't say that, the phone was scratched all over. That's better.

Anyhow, I was super annoyed, decided that the phone was clearly faulty to scratch so easily and was wondering how I was going to claim it under warranty. I knew it'd be an uphill battle so I was gearing myself up for the fight.

The last month has been pretty stressful, so whilst I was gathering the energy to fight with the phone company I decided to get a screen protector to stop the phone getting even more scratched.

Harvey Norman do custom cut screen protectors that are guaranteed for the life of the phone, self repairing and equally as strong as gorilla glass.
I handed my phone over and told them how annoyed I was at how easily the screen scratched.

The technician took my phone, looked at the screen and said "oh, you've still got the screen protector on".
I told him I took the screen protector off when I got the phone, so he showed me the edge of the screen protector. Those fuckers put two plastic protectors on!

Hah. I was pretty pleased when I discovered that I hadn't actually scratched my screen, but seriously, what an idiot! Once he pointed it out I could clearly see the edge of the screen protector. Hahaha. Lucky I didn't try to make a warranty claim, that would have been funny.

Pretty sure I win idiot of the week with that one.

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