Friday, 9 October 2020

FFS Friday - Rambling

Hello Friday you beautiful thing. How we've missed you. 

Blogger have changed their user interface and it's awful. Why do they fix things that aren't broken? It was working fine before, so instead of leaving it they decided to make it worse. Good job Blogger. Everything looks strange, so if my posts have funny formatting you know why. 

Tiger is working six days a week at the moment, it's not fun. Even so, it's much better than FIFO because he's home every night. I'm not sure he thinks it's better than FIFO though. When he worked away he got more rest, he didn't have to come home and be part of the family. Ah well. It's only a few weeks until he'll be back to working five days a week, that's much more manageable.

Whilst we're loving having Tiger home, I've noticed that weekends are exhausting now. When he was FIFO we had two weeks to do things, now we have two days a week. This means that those two days are usually spent out of the house and with people. I don't like it at all. I have only a limited amount of tolerance for people and the public then I need quiet time at home. Two full days of people and being out is way too much for me. 

Chai and Tiger thrive on being around people, Eljay and I don't. Maybe we'll let Tiger and Chai go out whilst Eljay and I stay home, that'd be a good plan. Eljay and I love lazing around the house, we just sit quietly together enjoying the silence.

We've had a lot of time with our extended family recently and it's been lovely. Family don't exhaust me. I love that the boys are growing up close to their cousins, it's something that's really important to me. I want them to have strong family connections so they have a good support network for life. 

I don't have much to whinge about today. What's with that? Clearly I haven't been paying proper attention as there's always something to complain about.

Oh, Mrs B, you'll be pleased to know that Tiger has taken over shower cleaning duties. Finally!

He's still being a grumpy old man. This is not at all acceptable and I'm not going to allow it. Friday he was grumpy from the time he walked in the door so I told him off. I'm not going to live with a grumpy old man. If he wants to be like that he can go do it somewhere else.

Okay, that's all I've got today, I'll come up with something better next week.

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