Saturday, 10 October 2020

Saturday Stories - No More Thank You

Today's tip is something I realised years ago, however I've seen other people doing it too so thought I'd post about it. 

When I first started seeing Tiger, if he helped out around my house I'd thank him.

That continued on when we were living together. After a while I realised that by thanking him it was giving the impression that doing housework was my job and he was doing me a favour by cleaning up after himself.

What's with society and women thinking it's our job to keep the house tidy? Do the men not live there too? Even when the woman is a stay at home mum, the responsibility for keeping the house tidy belongs to both people, not just the female.

Now, I don't thank Tiger for doing housework. I expect it of him and don't even comment if he's done something. He's never thanked me for doing housework so why should I thank him? It's the same thing isn't it?

Ladies, it's not your responsibility to do all the housework. Everyone who lives in the house is responsible for keeping it clean and tidy. Don't thank people for keeping their home tidy.

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