Monday, 16 December 2019

October and November empties

Now that we're halfway through December I thought it was time I posted my October and November empties.
That's a lie. It's just taken me this long to get to posting. Hah. I just haven't been motivated lately.

Versace Versense perfume
This is such a beautiful fragrance. It's a soft, green scent that I loved to wear in summer. It doesn't appear to be available any more which is a shame. If it was I would have repurchased.

Priceline Everyday Suncreen Lotion
I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed using this sunscreen. It's light, non greasy and SPF50+. I used it on my body, not sure what it'd be like on the face.
I'll repurchase next time I see it on sale.

The Body Shop Cactus Blossom shower gel
I really love The Body Shop shower gels and always have one on the go. I didn't love the cactus blossom scent but it was a nice change. The scent was fresh but sharp at the same time. It would have been better as a summer scent. 

Antipodes Hallelujah Lime and Patchouli cleanser
I really don't know why there aren't more Antipodes products in my collection. Everything I've tried from them is lovely and this cleanser is no exception. I purchased it on sale when I'd run out of cleanser. You can't really go wrong with a cream cleanser, they are quite difficult to get wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed using this and will repurchase it next time it's on sale. 

BX Earth Good On You Love shower gel
Regular readers will know full well how much we love BX Earth shower gels. The boys use these, they're a great, cheap shower gel. 

Kopari Coconut Oil deodorant
If I had to pick my top five natural deodorants, Kopari would be one of them. I love that it's in stick form, it controls odour and is gym proof.
I can use it immediately after shaving, it doesn't irritate my sensitive pits and doesn't contain bicarb soda. 

Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser
This year I've really come to love Avene and La Roche-Posay products. They're so gentle and soothing on the skin. I would happily repurchase this, it's a very gentle, non irritating cleanser. 

Natio Rosewater Moisture Balance Day Cream
I absolutely loved the feel and scent of this moisturiser however the SPF 50 in it irritated my eyes so I couldn't use it on my face.
It made a beautiful, hydrating neck and chest sunscreen.

Glow Lab Age Renew Cleansing Balm
This was part of a set of the Age Renew range that I found at Big W. It's the only place that I've seen the Age Renew products.
I found this to be a very nice cleanser. It's light, easily removes my make-up and didn't sting my eyes. I'll repurchase it next time I'm at Big W.

Tarte Maracuja Oil
There really isn't a lot to say about this, to me most facial oils seem the same, it's just the scent that sets them apart. This was pleasant to use.

Tribe Clean Me Balm Cleanser
Tribe gets so much hype online, which in my experience always leads to disappointment because I expect miracles and they don't happen.
I quite enjoyed using the Balm Cleanser. It's gentle, easily removes my makeup and doesn't irritate my eyes.
If it was cheaper I'd probably repurchase, but at $46 for 125ml I won't. They have great sales so I'd be tempted to pick it up on sale.

Pixi Vitamin C Lotion and Vitamin C Caviar Balm
I loved both of these products. I used the lotion during the day at the Caviar Balm at night. I don't have a preference for either, they are both equally lovely.

Kiss Ready Skin Natural Deodorant
Regular readers will know that Kiss Ready Skin is one of my all time favourite natural deodorants. Out of the copious natural deodorants I've tested, Kiss Ready actually works. My jar is an old one, it now comes in a great little tin which make it more portable, plus the tin will be great to reuse.

Moon Haven Vanilla Lip Balm
I really didn't want to finish this gorgeous balm because my beautiful Emma bought it for me and I think of her every time I use it. 

Goldfaden MD Even Skintone Moisturiser
This was pleasant to use but that's about all I can say as I only got a few days use out of it. 

Josie Maran Argan Oil
As I said about the Tarte oil, they're pretty much all the same to me. This was nice to use, that's about all I have to say. 

Avene SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion
Whilst I enjoyed using this, it irritated my eyes. Why do so many sunscreens irritate my eyes? As long as I'm not sweating it's usually fine, but as it irritates my eyes I obviously won't purchase a full size. 

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base
If this wasn't so expensive I'd repurchase as it's a gorgeous product, very hydrating whilst also being light. It makes a great primer under makeup and is all round lovely. 

Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub
You're probably over seeing this in my empties. It's such a great scrub and one that I always have in my collection. I've already got several more waiting to be used.

Tarte Pack Your Bags Eye Masks
These are great for days when my eyes are feeling sore and tired, they really perk up the under eye area. I like to use them in the morning before I put my make-up on. They stick well so I don't have to lay down whilst I'm using them which is always a bonus.

In-Flight Magic Hydration Mask
Aside from this being a great face mask, the real miracle is that it's clear! So you can wear it whilst you're flying (or when you're not) and no-one would know. How amazing is that! In-Flight Magic have done a great job with this mask, it really is the perfect flying companion. It's super hydrating, clear, fragrance free and leaves my skin feeling very soft.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Youth Cream
This is such a gorgeous range, the products smell good and feel lovely on. When I get through my stash of sample I'll be purchasing a full sized pot of youth cream. 

Alpha-H Liquid Gold
I love that this comes in a facial pad, it'd be great for travelling. It's also reminded me that I need to get my bottle of Liquid Gold out and start using it. 

These three are tosses.

The Only Good deodorant is absolutely awful. It was a total waste of money. It did nothing to control odour, in fact I think it made me smell worse than I would have if I didn't wear any deodorant.

The Ole Henriksen cleanser was just too harsh for my skin.

I wanted to love the Tribe mineral make-up but it contains bismuth so makes my skin feel itchy which is not nice.

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