Friday, 20 December 2019

FFS Friday - Pizza

Hi beautiful people. 
I have a funny story I forgot to tell, I've been too busy whinging about things.

So. A few weeks ago, whilst Tiger was away (of course), I was laying in bed trying to get to sleep and I could hear a loud banging noise. It sounded like it was coming from our roof or backyard.

I checked the back yard, nothing suspicious. 
I checked the front yard, nothing.
The sensor lights weren't on and all was quiet in the street.

I got back in to bed and a few minutes later I heard the noises again. I tried to ignore them and go to sleep but it was rather difficult because the banging was very loud. At 11.30pm I got up again and looked out the front window.
Other than the lady walking past after getting her drugs, all was quiet. There was no-one else outside and no lights on in any of the neighbours houses.

I got back in to bed and managed to go to sleep, however I was woken up several times during the night by the noises.

The next morning I asked my neighbour if she'd heard anything but she hadn't. It was a mystery. 

Later that day I was in the bedroom putting washing away when I heard the noise again so went outside to investigate.

Guess what I found?

You'll never guess.

Give it a go.


I found......the round cardboard insert from a store bought pizza.

The boys had thrown it on the roof where it got stuck in the gutter. Every time the wind blew the cardboard knocked against the gutter, making a very loud noise. FFS.

I managed to get it down with my crutch and threw it in the bin.

The next week I was in the bedroom during the day and heard the noise again!
My little monkeys had got the pizza insert out of the bin and thrown it on the roof again. This time Tiger was home so he got it down, tore it in half and threw it in the bin where it stayed!

Who knew a piece of cardboard could make such a loud noise?

Have a beautiful weekend.

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