Friday, 27 December 2019

FFS Friday - Clear

Hi beautiful people. How was Christmas? I hope you all had a good day. We had a lovely, quiet day with a few of our family. Just how I like it.

I'm off for an MRI on my ankle tomorrow. This time next week I should know what's wrong and why I'm not healing. Finally. It'll be a relief to have some answers. It's been nearly 11 weeks since I injured it.

I don't have a lot to complain about today. It's been a good, busy week.

Chai is back on his medication. He went off it for a few days then he asked to go back onto it because he doesn't like feeling angry all the time. Medication is something that he has a big say on. He didn't start the medication until we'd discussed it (a lot) and he decided that he wanted to give it a go. I know that he's only eight, but he is a person in his own right and I believe that he should have control over his body and what happens to it. 

The medication does help. He's not as angry and less restless. I was worried that it would dull his beautiful personality but it doesn't, it just helps him feel better. 

His anxiety is still off the charts so in the new year we'll start therapy to try to fix that. I'm also going to teach him to meditate. Now that's he's calmer he's also going to start learning martial arts. I've wanted him to learn for ages but refused to take him until he had better control of his temper. 

We're going to continue homeschooling this year. I have though about putting the boys into school but at this stage it's just not the right thing for us. Both Chai and I are still not over the trauma that we dealt with whilst he was at school and neither of us are willing to go there again. 

We've been seeing a lot of one of my cousins lately and it's been lovely. 

I hope you've all had a great festive season.

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