Friday, 13 December 2019

FFS Friday - Stupid o'clock

Okay, so who's organised for Christmas? We aren't. In fact I have no idea what's happening. 
We do a low key Christmas which is great, but if I don't organise it soon we won't be doing Christmas at all. Not to worry, it'll all come together somehow, haha.

So, this has been a week.

It's been hot (which I don't cope with at all) and Chai's been having constant meltdowns because Tiger is away. FFS.

Will it ever end? Thursday he asked if we could go to the gym cause he wanted to play at the creche. We'd been there half an hour when he called me mid crying fit because he was upset. We had to leave because he couldn't calm himself down. FFS.

It's great that the medication is helping his hyperactivity and impulsivity but the constant meltdowns are exhausting. Added to that he's now starting our days at 4.45am which is just not okay with me. 

It's times like this when I really miss my friend Amanda. She was the shining star in my day, especially the tough ones. We'd spend an hour or two and the park and I'd forget everything that was going wrong and just breathe. It was wonderful.
Good friends are hard to find.

Five days until I see the surgeon and hopefully get some answers about my ankle. I am so over not being able to do much.

As much as my ankle is frustrating, the extra time to read has been great. 
The other bonus is that Tiger's had to lift is game around the house and he's realised how much I actually do and how lazy he was. So overall it's been a positive annoyance.

I hope you are all happy, healthy and surviving the silly season. 

Happy birthday beautiful Emma.

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