Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Face Halo vs Tribe Skincare Makeup Removal Mitt

Like a lot of people I'm trying to be more environmentally friendly. One thing I've done is stopped buying make-up rounds (is that what they're called) and started using re-usable cloths/pads instead. 

Face Halo gets a lot of hype. I resisted buying one for ages but gave in when they were on sale. 
One Face Halo costs $13 or you can buy three for $30.
Whilst it's okay, it's nothing amazing, just your regular make-up wipe. I find it to be a little too small to use easily, I prefer a larger wipe or cloth as they're just easier to use. The small size means that I can only use it once before it needs to be washed, so I'd need several if I wanted to use them daily.

Tribe Skincare Makeup Removal Mitts are $9 each. 
They're bigger than Face Halo so easier to use. They're also softer. 
Due to the large size I can use it for two days so I can get away with owning three of them. Tribe say that you only need to wash them once a week, but I can't stand wiping a dirty looking mitt over my face, it makes me feel like I'm rubbing dirt into my face. 

Overall I much prefer the Tribe mitt. I love mine so much that I purchased the pack of three for $25.

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