Sunday, 15 December 2019

Thoughts of the week

1. If you read last weeks post and used the email link to follow the Claremont serial killer trial, don't bother signing up for the emails, they just send you an email with links that are only available to paid subscribers. Fuckers.

2. I'm on the hunt for a lilac cream eye shadow. I purchased one from Kosas but it's darker than I wanted. If you have any recommendations please let me know.

3. The new Carmex Moisture Plus Hydrating Lip Tints are lovely. They're very pigmented and feel great on. I got mine from Priceline but they're also available at Chemist Warehouse.

4. This week the news reported on a man trolling a vegan protest by eating KFC in front of them.
It's a bit sad that silly things like this make the news. 
It's also sad when others try to force their views onto others. 
That goes for diet, religion, political opinion etc. We're all entitled to our own choices and opinions.

5. Speaking of the Kosas eyeshadow, it was so awful that I returned it. I purchased the 10 Second Liquid Eyeshadow after seeing several positive reviews. It's a watery mess that creases within a few minutes so you end up with a purple crease with no colour anywhere else. It wasn't pretty. Primer didn't help, nor did shadow over the top. Eyeshadow shouldn't be so difficult.

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