Friday, 29 March 2019

FFS Friday - Bugged

Hello and welcome to another Friday. We made it! Also, how is March nearly over already?

So what's been bugging me this week? Kids. Specifically the way kids are treated. 
Why do so many people not let children have choices and make their own decisions? I just don't understand it.

For example; every time we go to the hairdresser she asks me what I want done to the boys hair. She doesn't ask them, she asks me. I tell her it's their hair so their choice. They tell her what they want and then she checks with me if their choice is okay.
I understand why she does it, but really, do most parents choose their kids hairstyle?
Why? How is that logical? It's not my hair, so not my choice. 
To me it seems logical that the boys should decide how they want their hair, but I seem to be in the minority.

Things that seem logical to me are clearly not logical to most people and I just don't understand. Why not allow children as much choice and control over their lives as possible? There are a lot of things they can't control, so why not allow them to control as much as they can? Kids who have choice and control are happier and more obliging. Also, it teaches them responsibility and they learn that choices and actions have consequences, which is a vital life lesson. 

Tiger does it all the time. He'll ask me what to give the kids for breakfast. I just tell him to ask them. 

When Tiger isn't home the boys usually get their own breakfast and lunch. The only time they don't is when they want something that they can't safely prepare or it requires cooking, in which case they'll help me get their meal ready. 

You wouldn't decide what an adult is going to have for breakfast and then serve it up to them, so why make that decision for a child. I just don't get it. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm from another planet, what's logical to me is not logical to the majority of society. 

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