Friday, 15 March 2019

FFS Friday - Heh

Hello! Do I have a story for you today!

Wednesday was a crap of a day. I was woken up by Chai making stupid noises. I'm not a morning person so being woken up by irritating noises immediately put me in a bad mood. 

From the second we woke up the kids started fighting. They just wouldn't stop. All I heard all morning was tears, fighting, screaming and "I hate you". FFS.

We had to go to visit my cousin in hospital then I had an appointment at the gym. We got held up at the hospital so I was running late for my appointment at the gym. FFS.

I got the appointment done and did my workout. The fans in the gym weren't working and it was boiling hot so I couldn't do any cardio. FFS.

I also couldn't do any ab work because my stomach is still really sore. FFS.

After the gym we went home and the boys were at it again. FFS.

I had lots of running around to do and I told the boys if they behaved whilst we were doing all the errands they'd get a treat at the end. 

They didn't behave so didn't get a treat. FFS.

Once we'd done all our jobs we stopped at the park. 
There was a little girl there about 18 months old totally unsupervised. She played with the boys for around half an hour and there were no parents in sight. 

A child of that age can get in a lot of trouble in half an hour. Considering the playground was at the beach, she could have drowned!
Thankfully my boys are good with little ones so she was safe. 

I was just starting to think I'd need to search for her parents when her brother (who looked about 7) came to get her. 

She didn't want to leave and was trying to get on a swing with some other boys. They wouldn't let her on the swing and she wouldn't leave, so the boys pushed the swing at her, which hit her in the face and knocked her over. Poor baby. (I didn't see this happen, I just heard her scream so asked my boys what had happened).

Her brother took her off crying. I was about to offer to carry her to her parents when the little one slipped over and banged her head again. Her brother growled at her and smacked her for falling over. When he did that I realised what type of family they were, so didn't offer to help.

The two boys who'd hurt her ran off and my boys kept on playing. 

A few minutes later a man with a boy who looked about 12 came along and started yelling at me, telling me that I should supervise my kids better so that they don't hurt other kids.

He picked the wrong person on the wrong day. Here's a tip, don't go yelling at an innocent person, especially not a tired, grumpy Mum who can fight a hell of a lot better than most men.

Clearly he thought I looked like an easy target to bully and intimidate. I'm not.

I yelled back at him that it was nothing to do with me, my kids didn't hurt his child and if he'd been supervising her like he should have, she wouldn't have been hurt.

Having no comeback to that one, he started swearing at me to fuck up. Bad move buddy. I screamed at him to shut up and go away. I continued to scream at him until he turned tail and left. He couldn't drive away fast enough. 

Goodbye bully. Next time pick on the right person. Here's a hint, I will never be the right person. 

There's a few things he needs to learn:
1. If you need to bring a child with you to be brave, you aren't brave.
2. Point number one also means that you aren't scary.
3. Behaving that way in front of your child is not a good parenting choice.
4. If you want to abuse someone, pick the right person, not the first person you see.
5. Never choose a tired, grumpy Mum, she'll out yell you every single time. 
6. Young children need to be supervised at all times.
7. When you aren't supervising your child, you can't blame strangers for your child getting hurt.
8. If you're in the habit of abusing random people whilst you're out and about, you need a less conspicuous car.

After the fool had gone, a groundsman who'd watched the whole thing came over and congratulated me for standing up for myself. Heh.

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