Friday, 8 March 2019

FFS Friday - Goat

It's Friday! So, what's got my goat this week? I'm sure something has, but I just can't think what it was. Maybe the goat ate what was left of my brain. That'd explain a lot. 

The boys have been sick this week so we've been staying at home. Chai does not cope very well when he has to stay at home, he needs space to run and burn off his energy. 

After having Crohn's for 12 years, this week I learned something. You'd think by now I'd know everything I need to know about Crohn's but I don't. I saw a different GP and she told me that I don't absorb Vitamin D, iron and essential fatty acids properly so I need to take a good multivitamin with those things in them. 

Why have I not been told this before? Here's hoping once I start on a good multi I'll start to feel less zombie like. Unlikely but I live in hope.

Home schooling has been tough this week, Chai's just not interested. Anything that looks remotely like school sends him into meltdown mode. Poor boy was so traumatised by school that anything remotely like school sets him off.
We're working on his writing at the moment so that instantly reminds him of school.

Hah! I just remember what's been annoying me this week! I knew I'd get there eventually. Food! Why does no-one tell you that when you have kids you'll be their snack bitch and spend most of your day preparing food for them? I must spend at least 30% of my day preparing food. They eat non stop!

Taking into consideration that they prepare a lot of their food themselves, the amount they eat is ridiculous. I'm constantly making food for them and they're always hungry. Where do they put it? They're both skinny little streaks. The only answer is that there are five other kids living in the house that I haven't met yet. 

That would explain where all the food goes and why there is so much mess around. 

Once I find the extra kids and return them to their parents I should have a nice tidy house and lots more food.
Here's hoping.



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