Wednesday, 6 March 2019

The Lip Oil Series: Rimmel Oh My Gloss Oil Tint

Hello and welcome to the first post in my Lip Oil series. Today I'm talking about the Rimmel Oh My Gloss. 
I have three out of the five shades available. 

The shades I have are Modern Pink, Poppy Pop and Smart Pink.
Smart Pink is supposed to adapt to your lips and create a unique colour, however on me it applies clear.

Texture wise these are more like a non sticky lip balm than an oil. Being more glossy, they have decent lasting power of around three hours. Due to all the oils they are very hydrating and keep my lips feeling soft and comfortable.

They're surprisingly pigmented, the colour is sheer but noticeable (other than Smart Pink which is clear). Thankfully these don't slip around on my lips so the colour stays put and doesn't migrate beyond the lip line. 

There is a soft floral scent that fades upon application and no flavour. 

If you're in the market for a sheer, hydrating lip product these are worth a try. At $14.95 they're very reasonably priced. 
I purchased mine from Priceline.

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