Sunday, 17 March 2019

Thought of the week

There are some weeks that I am so disappointed at the world we live in. This has been one of those weeks. 

What happened in New Zealand is disgusting. But you know what? I think we make it worse. What these sick people want is publicity and we give it to them. It's all over the news, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. That's exactly what they want. 

Instead, what if it wasn't widely reported? What if all that was reported is that there's been an attack. Nothing more. The people involved in the tragedy know what's going on, the rest of us don't need to know.

By focusing on it we give them the publicity that they so desperately want. We help bring people to their cause, we unite these sick people. That's not what we want.

It also helps bring the good people together and that's a wonderful thing. 

But, in my opinion, the less publicity that the awful people who commit hate crimes get, the better. 

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