Friday, 16 February 2018

FFS Friday - Bum

My regular readers will know about my germ phobia. Specifically my bum germ phobia. 

Last week I was doing my make-up whilst Chai was doing a poo. I usually stay out of the bathroom when they're on the loo, but it was a school morning and I had to get ready.

After he'd finished his poo and wiped his bum, he used the hand towel to wipe his bum again.


How long has he been doing this?????

Bum germs!!!!!!

I don't use the hand towel on my face, but I do dry my hands with it and then touch my face. 

The horror!

All this time I've been polluting my face with bum germs!

So disgusting. 

Now back to my usual school rant. There are so many things that bother me about our schooling system. Here's the latest.

When I had the meeting with Chai's teacher and the deputy a few things they said really pissed me off. 

Their favourite word seems to be resilience. Must be the latest buzzword. They are of the opinion that having a nasty teacher is how kids learn resilience. What a load of bullshit. You don't learn resilience from being yelled at! So stupid.

Every time I say that Chai has issues with a certain teacher they tell me he needs to learn resilience. Fucking bullshit.

The other thing that pissed me off is this: We were talking about how Chai learns. The deputy was trying to tell me that I can't teach him at home because he's a reluctant learner. I told her that he's quite willing to learn at home because we learn in fun ways. She made a huge point of telling me that he only likes to learn things he's interested in.

Why is that a point? Do adults like learning about things they aren't interested in? No. So why should kids like learning about things they aren't interested in? Seems pretty basic to me. 

I pointed out that I could quite easily cover almost all of the required subjects using his latest interests (sloths and silverback gorillas). Isn't it better to teach kids about things they're interested in and have them enjoy learning?

I feel like I'm from another planet because I just don't understand their logic. It makes no sense to me and yet they tell me these things with a straight face as if they are fact. Most people agree with the school, so it must be my thinking that is strange. 

I've tried to see things their way but I can't. Why is adversity, mistreatment and force an acceptable way to treat our kids? Why is it okay to treat them in ways that would never be okay for an adult? Are kids not more important and more precious than adults? In my mind they are but others don't seem to think so.

Have we not realised that the world is so fucked up because of how we treat our kids? Why isn't this obvious to other people?

Why do people blindly follow along, watching their kids struggling but doing nothing about it?

I'm so confused.

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