Friday, 9 February 2018

FFS Friday - Water soluble

A few weeks ago I spoke about lying to my kids. Well I've done it again. 

By some accident I managed to convince the boys that I have surveillance cameras all through the house that can see everything they do, even when they're under the bed. Heh.

Both my boys are at school now. Just like that the baby stage is over. Fuck it was tough. So very tough. 

I'm okay that it's over, but sad at the same time. I can totally understand why people have more babies when their youngest goes to school.  

I'm not okay with them both being away from me. I'd be okay with it if I thought they were happy but I'm not sure they are. 

Eljay doesn't like school at all, he cried at school on Monday, Tuesday he sobbed for an hour and Wednesday I kept him home. My poor baby. Every time I talk to him about kindy he starts crying.

Chai doesn't want to be there, he asks every day to stay home. I'm hoping that after a few weeks he'll settle in and enjoy school. His teacher is brilliant and he likes her, so hopefully he'll start to enjoy school. If he doesn't then I'll withdraw him. Simple as that. 

Remember the pool saga from a year ago? It's back on again. I'm not joking. Wish I was. 

When they did the job originally they didn't do it properly. There were run marks, part of the coating was flaking away and it was a mess.

Tiger got in touch with the company who did it to find out that they no longer deal with our local pool shop. Great.

They agreed to come down and fix it, even though the issues were due to the preparation not being done correctly, which was the responsibility of the local pool shop. 

They were supposed to come down last September. They were here last week, five months later.

Re-coating the pool means that it has to be drained of water. That's $200 down the drain. Because of the chemicals and salt we can't use the water on the garden, so it literally went down the drain. 

Once the pool was drained the guy looked at it and realised that it was a really bad job so the whole pool would need to be redone. 

Amazingly he got it done in a day.

The next day we realised that the pool walls had moved inwards. When they originally did the job they didn't prop the pool properly, so the pool walls moved inwards. Not a good thing. Not a good thing at all. If they move too far inwards the pool will break and need to be totally replaced.

Thankfully the walls hadn't moved much so it was not an issue. The pool guy told us that after a few days the walls would move back out again, which they did. Winning.

Everything was looking great until a few days later when we noticed a white residue leaking from the light. Tiger contacted the company who told him that he could fix it easily. Or not. 

He called our pool guy (not the pool shop, a different pool guy) who said that Tiger couldn't fix it himself. Turns out that when it was put back in the guy used water soluble silicone instead of the waterproof silicone. 

The good news is that the company are going to pay our local guy it fix it for us. Winning again. Our pool guy will fix it in a few weeks once the water soluble stuff has all dissolved. He also told us that it's the best pool refurb he's ever seen. Double winning.

So all is well with the pool.  

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