Monday, 8 May 2017

My Essential Winter Skin Care Products

Here in Australia the weather is starting to cool down. We had a very mild summer and it looks like we are in for a long, cold winter. I pulled out the flannel pj's and winter doona's in April!

I've already had to switch up my skin care routine to combat dry winter skin. Some of my favourite winter products are now back in rotation so I thought I'd tell you about them today

Lanolips Allover cream - When it's cold I can get very lazy with my night time skin care routine, I just want to get it done and jump into my warm, cozy bed. Multi-purpose balms are ideal for times like this because I can slather them all over my face, lips and hands then I'm done. All Over cream is perfect for that. It's super hydrating and can be used all over (pun intended). If my skin is extra dry I'll apply an extra thick layer because it acts like an overnight mask. 
Added bonus, it makes a great treatment for dry heels. 

Clarins HydraQuench Bi Phase serum - On those days I need an extra shot of hydration I use HydraQuench. It's very light and feels like I'm putting water on my face, but the hydration is quite amazing, my skin feels noticeably better and I don't get that horrible tight feeling half way through the day. 

Egyptian Magic - I've been using this as a night cream/treatment and it's amazing. My skin feels so soft and smooth the next day. The first few times I used it I couldn't figure out why my skin was feeling so good the next morning, then I realised it was thanks to Egyptian Magic. My sore hayfever eyes love it and it's done wonders for my dried out hands and lips. If you have irritated skin, this is the product you need.

Arbonne RE9 Intense Hydration overnight mask - For lazy/time poor people like me this is magic. It's a sleeping mask! I love that sleeping masks are becoming more popular. Here's hoping more brands release them. 
The Arbonne mask is applied over the top of your usual night time skin care routine. It's super hydrating (as you might have guessed from the name) and leaves my skin soft and baby smooth.

Trilogy Vital Moisturising cream - This is a recent addition to my routine and it's love. Despite being quite a rich, hydrating moisturiser, it absorbs surprisingly quickly and doesn't leave a greasy residue. If you have normal to dry skin, get your hands on a tube next time Priceline has a sale.

Weleda Skin Food - Regular readers have probably had enough of me talking about Skin Food but it really is such a great product that I have to include it. Skin Food has a multitude of uses but my favourite way to use it as an intensive treatment. I pick a day when I'm not leaving the house and slather on a thick layer. I put on another layer at lunchtime then wash it off before bed and apply another layer. The next day my skin is amazing! This technique would probably work with any rich treatment, if you try it with a different product let me know how it goes.

Bite Beauty Agave lip mask - Surprisingly my lips don't get drier in winter, probably because they're dry all year round (thanks to Crohn's I don't absorb vitamin B well). One of the most effective lip treatments I've found is the Bite Beauty Agave lip mask. It's a very thick treatment that I apply generously at night. When I wake up in the morning I still have product on my lips, I also have soft, happy lips. I usually scrub off the remaining product with a soft flannel to give my lips a thorough exfoliation. Whilst they call this a lip mask it also works well as a lip balm, there are tinted versions available that are great for days when you want a bit of colour on your lips.

Simplicite Great Outdoors moisturiser - Whilst Simplicite call this a moisturiser, I use it as my winter sunscreen. It has an SPF of 15, it's light, non greasy and quickly absorbed. I find that it makes a great base for make-up, I don't need to use a primer over the top. An extra bonus is the lovely Aussie bush scent.

What are your cold weather skin essentials?

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