Wednesday, 24 May 2017

iHerb Haul

Looking back over my posts I realised that I haven't done a haul post in ages. One of the places that I purchase from regularly is iHerb. They have a great range of products that we can't get here and if we can, they cost a lot more. They even stock Pixi now!

I was stocking up on some vitamins a few weeks ago, but couldn't resist adding a few extras into my basket.

I bought two more of my favourite deodorant. If you have sensitive skin and are looking for a natural, bicarb free deodorant, check out Alaffia. It smells lovely, keeps me smelling nice all day and doesn't irritate my sensitive arm pits. I've seen it at one health store in the city but it was $11. Depending on the exchange rate I pay between $6 or $7 for it from iHerb.

For months now I've been wanting the EOS Sheer Pink Shimmer lip balm but my only local stockist hasn't had it. When I found it on iHerb I added it to my cart immediately. Luckily I did because a few minutes later it was out of stock.

The last product that I purchased was the Andalou Luminous Face Mask. I haven't used any Andalou products before but I needed something cheap to give me free shipping and this looked good. This is a single use mask (great for travel). After it'd been on for a few minutes it started to sting but it wasn't unbearable so I left it on for a few more minutes. My skin wasn't red or irritated so it must have just been the mask doing it's thing. My skin felt soft and looked brighter and more healthier. I'll definitely be adding a few more Andalou masks to my next order. 

If you'd like a discount on your next iHerb order enter code YUF175.

Have you tried any of these products?
What do you buy from iHerb?

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  1. I'm going to try this deodorant, I tried one with bi-carb and it made my pits itchy :(


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