Friday, 12 May 2017

FFS Friday - I have a dream

I dream of a home by the ocean
where I can hear the waves crashing at night.
Where the sound of the ocean lulls me to sleep.
Secluded but not remote,
a sanctuary.

A private cottage, warm and inviting, 
The front yard filled with plants and a backyard free to roam.
With creepers out the back, overhead so I can look up at them.

An inviting fire to warm me in winter and a cool breeze that flows through the house in summer.
A garden full of herbs so I can make salves and potions, 
with rich, fertile soil ripe for planting.

I shall make a fairy garden and plant a weeping willow.
I'll grow gerberas, sunflowers, jasmine and roses.

A window seat where I can lay in the sun and read or sleep.
Curtains on both sides so I can hide when I want to.

Walls filled with books.
An attic to fill with treasures.

A home where my babies can run free.
A place where my soul is soothed and I feel at peace.

This is my dream.

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