Sunday, 11 December 2016

Thoughts of the week

1. We had a meeting with Chai's teacher this week. She confirmed that he's not ready for grade 1 and that he'll struggle next year but she's hoping that after a few months things will click in to place for him. This does not please me. If he's not ready he should be held back until he is ready.

2. School policy is not to hold children back unless they aren't coping at all. Chai is coping socially and emotionally so he won't be held back. The fact that he's one of the youngest in class doesn't help either. I'm so not looking forward to him going to school next year.

3. We've skipped spring and moved straight in to summer. It's strange but quite nice after the freezing cold winter we had.

4. I ordered some clothes from Karma East and they arrived this week. I'm in love. The skirts are so lovely and soft and the dresses are gorgeous. I need more of their clothes in my life.

5. I've finally started sorting out all the junk in my house. I've started with the biggest job, all the paperwork that I need to sort through. I've got about three large packing boxes full. I'm going through and shredding so much. So far the oldest piece of paperwork I've found is from 2007.

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