Friday, 9 December 2016

FFS Friday - FIFO

There's only one week of school left.

Chai has been an emotional little mischief the last few weeks. It's left me wondering how I'm going to survive the school holidays. I suspect that I may end up in a mental institution.

As luck would have it Tiger will be away for more of the holidays than he'll be home. Typical.

I am so, so sick of him doing FIFO. I want it to end. The only way that it will end is for us to move up north. 

We are considering it. We thought about it this time last year and decided against it. I hate the heat. It's really hot up there. Even winter is hot. I consider anything over 35 unreasonable. Summer up there is usually over 40. Some days it hits 45. In weather like that I wouldn't leave the house. 

They say that it's great for families up there and that after the first twelve months you get used to it. I'm not so sure. 

The other thing is that Tiger would be a casual. They don't put people on full time any more so we'd have no job security. When you're a casual they can sack you on the spot for no reason. You get no notice, they just walk up and tell you that you no longer have a job.

On the plus side, if we moved he'd be earning more than double what he earns now and my job potential would be greatly increased. There isn't much work for me down here, up there I'd get a job easily. 

We'd be totally isolated up there, no family or friends. If I needed help I would have no-one to turn to. Tiger would be working six days a week, 12 hour days. I'm not sure what's worse. Him being away for half of the year or getting to see him every day but him only having one day off.

Then I think about the finances. With his income doubled we'd pay off a lot of debt really quickly. Within a year we'd only have our mortgages and one car loan, everything else would be paid off. Maybe the sacrifice is worth it. 

I don't know. I'm waiting for a sign. 

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