Sunday, 4 December 2016

Thoughts of the week

1. Today is our sixth wedding anniversary. This day six years ago I walked down the aisle wearing sparkly thongs and six months pregnant with Chai. 

2. The only thing I'd change about our wedding is the number of people who were there, I'd have less.

3. We got married on the beach and then had a cocktail party in a penthouse suite across the road from the beach. It was gorgeous. 

4. My dream wedding was to get married in Vegas by Elvis but that wasn't an option. Since that was out I wanted to get married at the registry office then go out to lunch with our immediate family. Tiger wanted a full on wedding with three course meal and the whole lot. We compromised and had a cocktail party. 

5. My dress cost $100 on ebay. Mum jazzed it up a bit and I loved it. The whole wedding was gorgeous, relaxed and fun, exactly what I wanted.

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