Friday, 2 December 2016

FFS Friday - Green

You know how everything goes wrong when Tiger is away? Every. Single. Time. FFS.

Last time Tiger was home we bought a pool blanket. For some reason, after we got it Tiger didn't bother putting it on the pool. WTF?

When he left I put it on the pool.

A week and a half later I took it off to discover that the pool was green. FFS.

Yep. Bright green, slimy and gross. FFS.

The pool shop told me that with the blanket on the pool wasn't getting enough chlorination. FFS.

I took a sample of the water to the pool shop and they gave me chemicals to put in the pool. I put them in and the water turned a milky green. Nice. FFS.

Before putting the chemicals in I had to brush down the walls and the floor. FFS.

Brushing a pool when you have vertigo is very risky. Somehow I managed not to fall in. Not FFS.

Two days later the water was back to blue but it was a dirty blue and I couldn't see the bottom of the pool. FFS.

I have no idea how to take care of the pool and I don't want to know. In my opinion the pool is way more effort than it's worth. We have to maintain it all year and only get to swim in it a few months of the year. Total waste of time and effort. FFS.

Tiger gave me instructions on how to vacuum, backwash and rinse the pool. Fun.

Naturally when I tried to vacuum the pool the pump stopped working. FFS.

I backwashed and rinsed it then finally got the vacuum working. Not FFS.

Vacuuming the pool takes hours. FFS.

Thankfully my nephew came round to do it for me. Not FFS.

I was hoping the pool would be ready to swim in over the weekend but it wasn't. FFS.

Monday I was back at the pool shop getting the water tested again and getting more instructions. FFS.

I had to brush the whole pool again. FFS.

I was also supposed to vacuum and backwash it but I didn't. Not FFS. 

I must have spent at least six hours trying to get the stupid pool sorted. FFS.

Meanwhile Tiger was calling me at least three times a day and messaging me constantly. Not because he cared, because he wanted to know about the stupid, fucking pool. FFS.

In the three and a half years that he's been working away this is the most that I've heard from him. FFS.

Clearly he cares more about the pool than he does about us. Fucker. FFS.

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