Wednesday, 28 December 2016

December Empties

The last empties post for the year and I've managed to finish a decent amount of products, yay! 

Innoxa NoTox Eye Patches - I really liked these and will seriously consider buying them next time they're on sale at Priceline. They aren't cheap, but I did notice a difference in my eye wrinkles when I used them. My eyes have gone back to the way they used to be since I stopped using them, but I think with long term use the results would be longer lasting.

Sportsgirl Coconut and Coffee body scrub - Another day, another coffee scrub. This one has a gorgeous coconut coffee scent. No doubt I'll pick up another one next time I'm going past Sportsgirl.

ThankYou Coffee Body Scrub - What was that I was saying about another coffee scrub? I like that this one comes in a tub, I really don't like the packet scrubs, I decant them into pots. Once I got used to the rose/coffee scent I really enjoyed this scrub. It's one I'll happily purchase again.

Trilogy Cream Cleanser - Love, love, love. The first time I used my Trilogy cleanser I knew I'd found my holy grail cream cleanser. It smells beautiful, cleanses well and is a pleasure to use. I've already repurchased two, one I'm using now and one so that I have a backup.

Lancome Visionnaire - One tube isn't enough for me to form an opinion on this.

LaVanila Sports Luxe deodorant - If you are on the hunt for an effective natural deodorant that works for sensitive skin LaVanila is worth a try. I get no irritation from the LaVanila deodorants, even Sports Luxe which contains bicarb soda. Obviously it's not enough to cause irritation. I do need to reapply during the day and find by the end of the day I am a bit whiffy, but I suppose that's what you get with natural deodorants.

Coco Niu Virgin Coconut Oil - I have a full review coming soon so keep an eye out. In short, I'm so glad to finally find coconut oil in a tube!

Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing night cream - Tiger pinched this off me and loved the gorgeous scent, however I managed to pinch it back off him, haha. This is a very rich, beautiful smelling night cream. I've yet to meet an Antipodes product that I don't like. I'd really like to try more of the range, their products all seem beautiful.

Nivea Essential Care lip balm - One of my holy grail winter lip balms. I've gone through countless tubes and always have a tube in my collection. If you have really dry lips, get yourself a tube or two of Essential Care.

The Body Shop Honeymania shower gel - Honeymania is one of my favourite scents from The Body Shop. I mainly used this when I was travelling, it was the perfect size.

Apelles body lotion - This came free with a magazine months ago. I don't remember what the scent was but I really liked it.

EOS lip balm - I finished an EOS balm! If I'm being totally honest I didn't really finish it, a lot of the balm slipped through the grate and is sitting on the bottom of the ball but I'm calling it finished.

Maskd The Green Mask - If I had to list my top five face masks, Maskd would be one of them. Once you get used to the tingle this is a great mask that leaves my skin looking and feeling lovely.

Garnier Gentle Cleansing Milk - I liked but didn't love this. It does the job.

These products are all tosses, mostly because they're really old.

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