Friday, 5 February 2016

FFS Friday - Crazy

I've been waging war on my left hand lately. FFS.

First I smashed my finger in the car boot then this week I squashed my little finger between the fridge and freezer doors. FFS.

I have no idea how I managed that. FFS.

I was trying to open one door and close the other door at the same time. FFS.

Not a very clever idea. FFS.

My little finger is black now. FFS.

On the weekend Eljay decided to attack me with scissors. FFS.

He was cutting up paper whilst I was doing my hair, when I suddenly felt something sharp attack my leg. FFS.

It was Eljay trying to cut me. FFS.

As you do. FFS.

Monday Chai started full time schooling. FFS.

It was his first day of 13 years of full time schooling. FFS.

Thankfully he doesn't know that. Not FFS.

He was really brave and I was very emotional. FFS.

He's too young to be in full time schooling. FFS.

I want to take him and run away, just like last year. FFS.

Even though he challenges me all day every day, I'd rather have him home with me. 

This week I've started to wonder if my hormones are out of whack. FFS.

Either that or I'm going crazy. Both are entirely possible. FFS.

After Chai started preschool on Monday I lost the plot. I went from normal person to teary, I've failed as a mother, where is my life going, sobbing mess. FFS.

It lasted two days. FFS.

Added to that I've had stomach cramps since Saturday but no period and I'm starting to think it may be hormone related. FFS.

There's no way I'm discussing that with my lovely, young, male Dr. FFS.

I need to find a female Dr I can discuss women things with. 

Eljay has really missed Chai this week. FFS.

I have no idea why because they spend most of their time fighting and hurting each other. FFS.

He's spent the whole week asking if we can pick Chai up and telling me he misses Chai. FFS.

Sorry buddy, you're stuck with me for the next two years until you're old enough to start kindy. 

Poor child.

That's enough of my whinging for this week. Over to you. Whinge away. Or tell me something awesome. Whatever you like.

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