Sunday, 7 February 2016

Thoughts of the week

1. I love reading Humans of New York. Some of the stories are so moving. This is one of my favourites so far, I'd love to meet Ramon, he sounds like an amazing person.

2. Another blog I've been reading and loving is The Not So Secret Life of Us. All her posts are brilliant, but I particularly love this one.   

3. I'm not looking forward to this coming week. Tiger will be back at work, Chai will be at school full time so it'll just be Eljay and I. He's never not had Chai around so I'm thinking this week will be tough for him. I've got lost of things planned to keep him busy so hopefully we'll all get through the week okay.

4. My new skin care routine is going well. Instead of not using any skin care at night when I'm tired, I've been applying serum and night cream. It's quick, easy and means that I maintain my routine. On the nights when I'm not tired I'll use a chemical exfoliant, massage in a facial oil or overnight mask and use night cream.

5. Yesterday we had a very near miss. Tiger fell asleep whilst we were driving home. It was at 1pm, we hadn't been drinking, we hadn't had a late night the night before, it was just a regular day and yet he fell asleep. It all happened so quickly, we were very fortunate that no-one was hurt. You never think you'll fall asleep in the middle of the day but it happens. Drive carefully people. 

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